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Meet Former Rep. Mark Feller
Former Representative

Former Pennsylvania State Representative Mark Keller has been involved with PCLC almost since the organization’s inception, when staffer Lane Partner reached out to him for help. Rep. Keller has since become one of PCLC’s most ardent advocates. He’s participated in a number of fundraising events, most notably in the function of auctioneer for the Race for Reading live auction.

Former Rep. Keller frequently expresses his deep gratitude for being able to help what he calls a “tremendous” organization: “I’ve gotten to see the good [PCLC] does firsthand. What it does is save taxpayer money. People are working; they’re contributing to the economy instead of looking for government handouts. They’re becoming self-sufficient.”

As a prominent PA state legislator, former Rep. Keller is keenly aware of the importance of literacy. “Regardless of what you do or where you are, you need to be literate to progress in the world today. [PCLC] helps those having difficulties…become productive citizens.”

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The Perry County Literacy Council is dedicated to delivering the programs and services that impact Perry County, providing a One Stop site in Newport where Adult Education and CareerLink® partners are accessible at a single point of contact.

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We believe that all Perry Countians should have access to services, education and credentials that will support self-sustaining wages. If you are currently facing challenges, please reach out to us. If we can’t help directly, we can direct you to the right resource.

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PCLC is filled with a passion to learn and a passion to help. Read more about the successes that have come out of PCLC and their willingness to not only help, but mentor students.