Boost Your Digital Confidence with Our Free Digital Literacy Course

Feb 28, 2022

Looking to take the next step in your career but find technology intimidating? You’re not alone. Things change quickly in today’s digital environment and if you haven’t had the opportunity or the need to use a computer or learn digital skills, you can quickly find yourself feeling out of the loop.

Learn Basic Digital Skills

Fortunately for residents of Perry County, Pennsylvania, PCLC offers a free hands-on digital literacy course that allows you to learn computer and internet basics at your own pace. You’ll also learn how to leverage your new digital skills to search for and apply to jobs, build a professional online presence, and get familiar with video conferencing.

Once you’ve completed the digital literacy course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and successfully use a computer
  • Navigate and control the Windows operating system
  • Use software applications like internet browsers and word processors
  • Understand the internet, navigate the web, and send emails
  • Avoid suspicious online content and identify legitimate sources of content
  • Use social media for professional networking
  • Search for careers and compose a resume
  • Use video conferencing applications and attend job interviews
  • Build a foundation for professional life in the digital age

Digital Literacy Course Overview

The course is divided into eight modules, covering:

  • Computer Basics
  • The Basics of the Operating System
  • Using Software Applications
  • The Internet
  • Computer Safety/Security
  • Professional Online Presence
  • Resume Development
  • Video Conferencing

Move at your own pace, build your confidence, and gain job-ready skills with PCLC’s digital literacy course.

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