Success Stories

Meet Cali Beasom
GED Student and Lance Laird, PCLC Board Member and Tutor

Cali and Lance had been working together for about a year on Math, Cali’s roughest subject. She has now passed Math and has moved on and only has two more tests before she will earn her high school equivalency diploma.

“This is going to sound crazy – but I feel like I have a little bit more of a purpose. And I never realized that I do like math and I’ve learned that I’m actually pretty good at it. The way I look at math is…it’s like a puzzle to be solved and I love doing it! It challenges me and it’s nice to know I
can do it.” —Cali Beasom

Lance is a PCLC Board Member and a tutor at PCLC. He also volunteers to help with the VITA Tax Preparation program that is offered at PCLC during tax season.

“I definitely needed something to do — that’s number one. I enjoy being around people and I was becoming isolated at home since I retired. I felt like I should give back—I think everyone should try to do that. Also, it’s really good for older people like me – for your mind, to do math and think on your feet.” —Lance Laird

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