The Diploma Dilemma: How Education Influences Earning Potential

Feb 16, 2024

The path to education can have many detours! Getting a high school diploma is an educational achievement, but that accomplishment can come in many forms. Completing your high school education has a crucial impact on increasing your earning potential. Things may have gotten in your way but earning a GED (General Educational Development) or high school equivalency is one way to achieve this milestone.

Even the path for high school equivalency varies with different testing options available. One thing that does not vary is that earning a GED can be vital to you making more money.

Entry into the Workforce

Getting a GED is all about breaking down barriers! A high school diploma or equivalent is often a prerequisite for entry into the workforce. Individuals without a diploma may be limited to certain jobs with lower wages and fewer benefits. If you’re lacking a high school diploma, earning a GED can serve as a ticket to a broader range of positions, creating opportunities for career growth and financial success.

Earning Potential

The numbers are undeniable when evaluating how education influences earning potential. The U.S. Career Institute mapped out, by state, the difference in median income between high school graduates and non-graduates. Pennsylvania high school graduates earn $6560 more per year. This figure includes those with a high school equivalent.

Staying Employed

Not only do individuals with a high school diploma or GED earn more, but they are also more likely to stay employed. In 2022, around 5.5% of people aged 25 and older who had less than a high school diploma were unemployed. That is compared to only 4% of high school graduates. In the last 10 years, the difference between these groups has reached as high as 3%!

Foundation for Further Education

Beyond the immediate economic impact, the high school diploma serves as a foundation for further educational goals. It is not only the minimum requirement for admission to post-secondary institutions but also provides the essential knowledge and skills for success in advanced academic settings.

What’s the next step?

So, you know you can earn more with a GED. Now, if you live in Perry County, where do you go from here?

Learning about what to expect can be the first step in completing your GED and increasing your future earning potential. Perry County Literacy Council is a great place to start earning your high school equivalency. With fantastic educators like Gwen Soult, you will soon be well on your way to preparing for your GED. Reach out to the folks at Perry County Literacy Council to find out how you can earn more with a GED!


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